E-Voting security risks, Myth TV, NowPublic News

Well, it is Thursday so it is time for the second installment of the weekly Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton & Sarb.

The segments are linked to their individual audio pages with some resource links. As we are still experimenting with the show format and presentation, feel free to leave us comments and suggestions.

  1. E-Voting security risks (aduio chat) – Resources: British Report on E-Voting, comment on British Report on E-Voting, comments on California E-Voting machine review (with access to source code)
  2. Myth TV (audio chat) – Resource: Myth TV. And you can email us at LT3help at gmail dot com if you have questions in installing Myth TV.
  3. NowPublic News (audio chat) – Resource: NowPublic

4 Responses to E-Voting security risks, Myth TV, NowPublic News

  1. Jin says:

    Hey talkshow hosts, another set of interesting topics this week.

    First, the easy question. In your opinion, how’s NowPublic news different from other social “reporting” sites such as DiggIt or even Slashdot?

    Second, from my perspective, I am wondering if we are heading in the wrong direction with e-voting. We have been pre-occupied with security issues with e-voting, and thinking that if we can nail that one down, we will be home free and e-voting will be the way to go 🙂 To me, I think we are trying to use technology to replace a few steps of an *existing* voting process. Although there are benefits, we are still in the “technology for technology sake” ballpark. I think we need to be more bold and innovative if we want to pursue e-voting. We need to change the voting process to make e-voting beneficial. For example, why should we an “election day” where all must vote or your vote won’t be counted? Ultimately, e-voting is not the “end game” but a catalyst for changing our voting process…vote for me, and I will set you free 🙂

  2. kempton says:

    Hi Jin,

    Thanks for your feedback and interesting questions.

    First question. I think Digg is more like a popularity contest and a way to draw people’s attention to something by vote. Slashdot links to interesting piece and add a bit of commentary to the piece. Where as NowPublic is more like news reporting by citizens. Where people actually take first hand pictures and videos on site. Like the company said, “During Hurricane Katrina, NowPublic had more reporters in the affected area than most news organizations have on their entire staff.”

    Interesting thoughts on e-voting. First, I agree that security is indeed a key issue. Now, I doubt I would want my government to govern by constant polling/voting by me. I think the ability of constantly voting on different policy initiatives may be like putting ourselves in prison instead of setting us free.


  3. Jin says:

    Hi Kempton,

    I think we vote with our hands, feet, wallets, etc. throughout the day, everyday 🙂 Well, I digress. IMHO, I was pointing out we should perhaps approach the problem differently…namely, reform the voting process and determine where & how technology could fit in.

  4. kempton says:

    Hi Jin,

    Thinking of it this way, I think with new technologies now, may be we can rethink the voting process. If needs to be, we may want to reform the process. But a reformed process may have unintended consequence. I guess thats what make election systems in the world interesting. For example, look at the multitude of things that US voters need to vote in their elections, I don’t know if I want that until we have a very careful examination.

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