Media Server uPnP, Brain Cancer Zapper, Super String

Hello listeners, it is Thursday so it is time for another installment of the weekly Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton & Sarb.

The segments are linked to their individual audio pages with some resource links. As we are still experimenting with the show format and presentation, feel free to leave us comments and suggestions.

  1. uPnP media server (audio chat): Something more on Myth TV. Resources: GeeXbox ushare
  2. Brain Cancer Zapper (audio chat): Zapping cancer cells in brain. Ongoing clinical trial. Resources: ScienCentral article with video, ScienCentral extra with video, clinical trail info from US gov website
  3. Super String (audio chat): The PBS Nova programme called “The Elegant Universe” is well worth watching! Resources: Superstring in Wikipedia, The Elegant Universe (streaming video available here)

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