Robocode, Sketching User Experiences, Backgammon AI

August 30, 2007

Well, it is Thursday again so it is time for another installment of the weekly Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton & Sarb.

The segments are linked to their individual audio pages with resource links. As we are still experimenting with the show format and presentation, feel free to leave us comments and suggestions.

  1. Robocode (audio chat): Learning with Java implemented tank battles, Resources: Robocode home page, good Robocode intro article
  2. Sketching User Experiences (audio chat): Creating better user experiences with Sketch, Resources: Book info, the Sketch a Move (toy cars) clip, the classic Bi-Focal Display clip, and other cool videos discussed in book, and some comments and links about Bill Buxton
  3. Backgammon AI (audio chat): Computer program playing better Backgammon than human grand master, Resources: Backgammon AI, more info