Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton and Sarb – 2013 eps01

January 20, 2013

Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton and Sarb

Dr. Sarbjit Sarkaria (Sarb) is my long time super smart friend and former colleague at MDA where we both worked on the Transport Canada large scale software project CAATS (Canadian Automated Air Traffic System). Here is a long ago tidbit of information that even Sarb may have forgotten but not me. You see, Sarb was also the super forward-looking smart person who introduced me to the then little known research search engine Google years before it becomes popular. I remember at the time DEC’s AltaVista was the popular search engine that I used frequently.

Here is the relaunched Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton and Sarb – 2013 eps01. Here are the time codes and a brief descriptions to the various segments with useful links.

0:00 The Show

Setting up what is Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton and Sarb all about.

1:26 Chris in Space ISS

In this segment, we talked about the awesome Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield currently on a mission on the International Space Station (ISS) and his great use of social media to get everyone so excited and feel involved of the mission.

Jan 20th update: via CBC News (with video), “Chris Hadfield talks from space to Ontario students – Canadian astronaut connects from ISS with students at namesake Milton school“; TorStar “Chris Hadfield inspires the next generation of would-be astronauts: Editorial“; CTV News (with video), “Astronaut Chris Hadfield gives students an out-of-this-world lesson

6:29 “Toothache” Actually Bluetooth Ache

In this segment, we talked about my Harman/JBL Flip speakers terrible Bluetooth reception problems and how I deal with it.

8:18 Wi-Fi Hi-Fi System

In this segment, we talked about Sarb’s nice experiences with his Sonos Play:5.

11:02 More on my Bluetooth Ache

Finished talking about my terrible JBL Bluetooth reception problems.

*** Here is the full 2013 show eps01.

For the record, Here are the four audio shows Sarb and I did in past. Just looking at the titles, they seem quite timeless in hindsight.

– 2007 Audio Show 1, User Generated Ad, Human Computing and ESP Game, Privacy in Social Networking, Time and Gravity
– 2007 Audio Show 2, E-Voting security risks, Myth TV, NowPublic News
– 2007 Audio Show 3, Media Server uPnP, Brain Cancer Zapper, Super String
– 2007 Audio Show 4, Robocode, Sketching User Experiences, Backgammon AI


Luboh helps users share their buying experiences

October 16, 2011

Luboh - logo

My insightful friend & former co-worker Sarb recently launched Luboh (in beta) with his partners. Here is my text interview with Sarb to tell you more about the cool Luboh.

Kempton: For people who haven’t heard about Luboh yet, can you talk about how they can use Luboh? How will Luboh help people?

Sarb: The idea behind Luboh is to help users share their buying experiences. While there are many online reviews and customer feedback and opinions on many consumer products, the authors are typically strangers. Instead, we as humans place far higher importance on opinions of people we know. Our friends and family. Let me give you an example. Say you’re looking for a new TV and it just so happens that when you mention it to your friend while at the pub. He tells he just got a fantastic deal on a Sony model XYZ TV from a shop down the road. No doubt you’re interested. More so than perhaps reading an online review from an effectively anonymous individual. lets you easily find a product that you’re interested in and then to either ask your Facebook friends what they think of it or if you’ve already bought it, to tell your friends what a great deal you got! You can try Luboh at

Kempton: Can you share a few screen captures to explain some of the Luboh features or functions?

Sarb: Here is a screen sample showing what search results look like. If you login with your facebook account, we’ll also show you what your friends have recently bought. (Click to zoom in to large image)

And here’s another one that shows how you share information with friends. (Click to zoom in to large image)

Kempton: Does the name Luboh have any special meaning?

Sarb: Well, other than “lu-boh” being a really cool name for a website, the word “lub-oh” in Punjabi (pronounced slightly differently to the website) actually means search-for.

Kempton: Future plans?

Sarb: The site is still in a beta mode and there is still some work left to iron out the wrinkles. In the future we hope to keep on increasing the number of products and services that we have access to, to make it more and more useful to our users.


P.S. You can follow Luboh on their Facebook page.

User Generated Ad, Human Computing and ESP Game, Privacy in Social Networking, Time and Gravity

August 9, 2007

This is the first weekly (every Thursday) Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton & Sarb.

Each segment is linked to individual audio page. Here are the different parts of our first show with some resource links. As we are still experimenting with the show format and presentation, feel free to leave us comments and suggestions.

  1. Show Introduction (audio chat)
  2. User Generated Ad (audio chat)Resources: my Gmail ad, Wired magazine article on user generated ad
  3. Human Computing and ESP Game (audio chat)Resources: Google Tech Talk on ESP Game, blog entry with links to comments and tech paper
  4. Privacy in Social Networking (audio chat)Resources: Facebook, Myspace, interesting article: New York Magazine feature
  5. Time and Gravity (audio chat)