User Generated Ad, Human Computing and ESP Game, Privacy in Social Networking, Time and Gravity

August 9, 2007

This is the first weekly (every Thursday) Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton & Sarb.

Each segment is linked to individual audio page. Here are the different parts of our first show with some resource links. As we are still experimenting with the show format and presentation, feel free to leave us comments and suggestions.

  1. Show Introduction (audio chat)
  2. User Generated Ad (audio chat)Resources: my Gmail ad, Wired magazine article on user generated ad
  3. Human Computing and ESP Game (audio chat)Resources: Google Tech Talk on ESP Game, blog entry with links to comments and tech paper
  4. Privacy in Social Networking (audio chat)Resources: Facebook, Myspace, interesting article: New York Magazine feature
  5. Time and Gravity (audio chat)

Kempton & Sarb

August 1, 2007

Welcome to “Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton & Sarb“, it is a weekly show created by Kempton and Sarb.

For many years in the 90s, Kempton and Sarb worked together in a large team designing and developing software for Transport Canada’s Air Traffic Control system (Canadian Automated Air Traffic System).

One thing they both treasured very much was their many lunch and after lunch talks. During those lunches and after lunch walks around the building, they invariably would start talking about different science and technology topics that interested them.

So the idea of “Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton & Sarb” is to create a platform for two old friends to talk science and tech. A place to share their views, interests, and insights over a virtual “lunch”.

Sarb is based in Vancouver and Kempton is based in Calgary.