E-Voting security risks, Myth TV, NowPublic News

August 16, 2007

Well, it is Thursday so it is time for the second installment of the weekly Lunch Time Tech Talk with Kempton & Sarb.

The segments are linked to their individual audio pages with some resource links. As we are still experimenting with the show format and presentation, feel free to leave us comments and suggestions.

  1. E-Voting security risks (aduio chat) – Resources: British Report on E-Voting, comment on British Report on E-Voting, comments on California E-Voting machine review (with access to source code)
  2. Myth TV (audio chat) – Resource: Myth TV. And you can email us at LT3help at gmail dot com if you have questions in installing Myth TV.
  3. NowPublic News (audio chat) – Resource: NowPublic